AirCharter Launches Version III of it’s Booking Engine

New Booking Engine LLC, known for instant online pricing and booking has launched version III of it’s eCharterConnect Booking Engine. is pleased to announce version III of the eCharterConnect charter reservation system. For the first time in the US a system will allow users to view what is normally held confidential by brokers. In all transparence, the complete operator information along with the tail number and data for as little as $4 per record, customers can view it all including cost of block hour rates as well as aircraft specifications, insurance, safety rating, up-to-date interior and exterior aircraft photos. AirCharter Credits will unlock a tail data indefinitely for viewing. With the provided data the user will be able to contact aircraft operators directly, avoiding what can cost thousands of dollars in broker commissions traditionally.

Operator Account and user management

Operator Account and user management

Since 2001 eCharterConnect software, was the first website to offer Absolute Fixed Guarantee Pricing that calculate pricing for private jets from takeoff and taxi times, wind speed, delay probabilities, flight time, crew charges, crew swap, takeoff & ramp fees, high density airport charges and much more.

Also with this release launches the new operator backend platform, located at which allows for the operator to respond to customer’s quote requests, post empty legs, update aircraft information, such as pricing, manufacturing and refurbishment date, aircraft photos, relevant insurance and safety information and any needed paperwork.

With customers in mind, this new addition to its backend allows AirCharter’s list of 10,500 verified and accredited aircraft to continue growing. Users using this new system can get instant quotes with near flawless accuracy, giving customers an exact figure expected to pay for the trip. With a few clicks customers can view the cost of each leg, the cost of repositioning and the ability to change the departure airport to the home base of the aircraft, saving thousands of dollars. Booking Engine Aircraft Category results

Aircraft Category results

Operator fleet management

Operator fleet management

This new version of Aircharter’s booking engine combines data gathered from aircraft owners and operators as well as airports and governing bodies to accurately estimate real-world pricing for simple flights or complex multi leg flights in under a minute. The booking engine will check the following factors, filtering out inaccessible or unavailable aircraft, and adding any other possible variables:

  • The booking engine has categories ranging from Piston aircraft (2 Seats) to Commercial Airliners (up to 500+ Seats) Part 135 & 121.
  • The system has over 29,000 airport and and over 10,500 aircraft which would automatically suggest to the customer an executive airport therefore avoiding the customer the high density airport charges.
  • Aircraft capacity – The selected passenger count will be used to filter out specific aircraft depending on actual passenger capacity
  • Runway Lengths – Airports will be checked for landing and takeoff capabilities for the selected aircraft types and passenger counts
  • Wind Speeds – Real time wind speed calculations are used to verify that aircraft flight times and range will not effect the trip in question
  • Flight time / Aircraft speed / Load – Aircraft cruise speed is paired with selected passenger load to calculate the aircraft’s maximum range
  • Ground based time – Each aircraft takes a shorter of longer time to taxi and takeoff or land, this is calculated per aircraft model
  • Crew day room – The booking engine will calculate how long the flight crew will be on standby, and will factor in crew day room costs if needed
  • Flight attendant – A flight attendant rate will be included in the price if certain demands are met e.g.: Longer haul flights, large passenger counts
  • Fuel stop calculations – Aircraft fueling times vary greatly between aircraft types and categories. Here, a real-world value will be calculated
  • Crew swaps – If the trip or leg in question will require a live crew swap after a set amount of hours, the booking engine will factor in this calculation
  • Aircraft locations – Here aircraft are chosen based on their proximity and ferry charges, the booking engine will prefer the most cost effective solution
  • Aircraft availability – Confirmed unavailable aircraft are not displayed to any customer in order to reduce booking time
  • Customer will see all repositioning legs offering them to save by departing from the Home base of the aircraft.
  • Empty legs – If one or more of the legs in question can be fulfilled by an empty leg, the booking engine will automatically account for the price difference Booking Engine Aircraft results with available empty legs

Booking Engine Aircraft results

All of the previous values are joined together with collected up to date data, live from aircraft operators to fetch real-time aircraft pricing for the following fees:

  • Aircraft hourly rate – The hourly block hour rate for the charter of the aircraft in question
  • Aircraft ferry rate per hour – The hourly rate of moving an empty aircraft
  • Fuel surcharge – Any additional fuel fees (if needed or noted by aircraft owner or operator)
  • Standby fees – Standby fees will be calculated based on the amount of hours the aircraft will spend on the ground
  • Parking Fees – Any overnight or day airport parking will automatically be added to the cost
  • Overnight Charges – Overnight charges will automatically be calculated based on the aircraft, operator, and crew in question
  • Crew and attendant charges – Additional crew and additional attendant charges are calculated based on a variety of factors e.g.: Flight time, Aircraft size…
  • FBO charges – FBO charges are fetched from up to date pricing provided by the FBOs themselves Booking Engine Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details

  • Landing fees & other airport charges – Airport landing fees and other charges are calculated based on season, aircraft, and airport
  • FET, Segment Fees & International taxes – FET taxes are added automatically in order to deliver an accurate figure to potential customers.
  • Other fees – Smaller, rarer fees such as Noise Fees or De-Icing fees will be added automatically if needed
  • After the booking engine takes all of these calculation into effect, a web price is delivered to the customer. Along with the web price, aircraft specifications, actual flight time, and pictures of the specific aircraft requested are offered in order of price. These results are sortable by aircraft amenities, as well as year of manufacture and aircraft type and category.


    William Harris, Booking Engine Project manager says “We believe this is the most accurate and massive booking engine ever developed. Calculating hundreds of factors and over ten thousand aircraft in under a minute is quite a feat. Very few private jet charter providers actually calculate the variables that we here at AirCharter do, most of them simply calculate a basic hourly rate only to disappoint customers who later inquire about the price” This has pushed customer to opt for solutions that offer fixed rates per hour (such as a jet card service or fractional ownership) which can sometimes be more than twice the price of the final cost of charter, simply because customers are tired of being disappointed by hard quotes being so radically different from web prices offered by private charter companies.

    New Booking Engine Detailed Confirmation

    Detailed Confirmation

    This is accomplished by providing operators a backend into the eCharterConnect system. Operators can add and manage existing aircraft, remove inactive tails, and add pricing for every imaginable factor the operator could bill a customer for. Aircraft operators also have the ability to upload aircraft images and relevant documentation in order to better serve these images and documents to customers. The operator backend also allows operators to add real time availability for their aircraft as well as empty legs.

    Empty Legs Management system for operators

    Empty Legs Management system for operators

     For a limited time, AirCharter is offering a 10 Aircharter Credits for free to all verified registered users who create an account on the our website.

    About LLC is a leader in AirCharter services providing innovative solutions to a world-wide audience of discerning travelers. provides aircraft for any travel purpose and is the first web site to offer Absolute Fixed Guarantee Pricing and now transparent pricing.   Since 2001, has provided online air charter booking services to a wide array of customers, including business and leisure travelers, sports teams and corporations worldwide. Through AirCharter’s online booking system, travelers can get quick quotes and book domestic and international travel on more than 10,500 aircraft, including jets and turboprops. Founded in 1996, AirCharter has become the market’s leader in providing world wide private jet charter services. in 2000 was the first company in the world to have a web reservation system for the private jet industry, in 2003 was the first company to offer Absolute Fixed Guarantee Pricing.

    Born out of the desire to provide clients with a simpler and more understandable way to buy charter services, Air Charter was founded on the principle of placing the client’s needs first.

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