Last Minute Flights

Booking a private jet at the last minute flight can be rather difficult for most private jet charter providers. But where others may fail, Aircharter exceeds expectations by offering a 24/7 concierge service. Finding last minute deals usually requires making a great deal of calls, but using our enormous network of over 14,000 aircraft, we can locate a last minute deal much faster than the competition.

Empty Legs

last minute flights on private jetsCheck empty leg flights for the day, our empty leg offers can be found here for your Last Minute Flights. Sort by region of the world to locate an empty leg for your last minute flight, thousands of empty leg offers are added daily and are constantly updated to give our customer the best choice of empty leg flights available. Cheap empty leg last minutes flights are easy to find considering the average cost of an empty leg is about half of the cost to charter a private plane. Finding a business jet for hire can take moments with a quick search, after which, calling to inquire about the empty leg would mean if said private jet is available, you would be able to book a last minute flight on a private jet in under 30 minutes, sometimes allowing for near instant departure if your last minute flight private jet is at your departure airport or nearby already.

Locate an aircraft owner / operator directly

Although this seems like a great option, and one would assume that no charter broker company would e able to beat direct pricing from the aircraft owner, this is wrong. Having a charter flight company handle your last minute flight means having direct access to all of their aircraft resources. In the time a customer can locate one or two aircraft in the immediate area, Aircharter can locate tens, sometimes hundreds or available private jets. Customers may prefer the simplicity of signing a contract with the aircraft owner themselves, which is a faster alternative than having a third party in the equation. Though locating multiple aircraft offers can only be accomplished by using a private jet charter service company. Price is the last variable in choosing a private charter broker versus an aircraft owner or operator, and at, we offer the exact price offered by the aircraft owner. This means there is no possible situation that makes searching for aircraft manually an endeavor worth the time.

Have Aircharter locate your Last Minute Flight on the best private jet for you

Most jet charter companies struggle to find last minute deals on flights, and usually charge an exorbitant fee for booking so close to the departure time. Jet last minutes flights are available from Aircharter with no delay, using our network of thousands of charter aircraft. Though it is always advised to book a charter flight at least a few days in advance, being able to book at the last minute flight  without a huge surge in cost is a clear win for any charter provider. After a thorough search through Aircharter’s massive aircraft database, most last minute flight requests are paired with at least three to four available business jets in the immediate area for your no warning flight request. Contact us today or use our book a trip tab to get a real-time estimate for your private plane charter cost.