With access to over 18,000,000 flights yearly, an average of 49,000 flights in all five continents daily, we are committed to serve you the best.  Our network consists of 9,000 aircraft capable of domestic and international


flights, over 18,000 airports, and in 170 countries. No matter where in the world you ­travel with us, you can expect the same high standards in safety and service. Furthermore, our services are not limited to air charter but also ground transportation, allowing you to be picked up at the airport FBO and driven to your destination in style, comfort and class. Our teams are available at your demand to assist you with your traveling, at any time.


Safety is our Priority

Our company doesn’t just settle for anything. Our network have the most rigorous standards for safety, maintenance, training and operations. In addition to following many best practices to meet the safety requirements to get you safely to your destination, AirCharter is a proud member of the (NBAA).

We also follow many practices to meet the safety requirements to get you safely to your destination. We screen all of our aircraft owners for suitability, we check the ratings and qualifications of the pilots and aircraft, and we also have the best networks of satisfied customers. Our company strives to invest its resources and time into providing you the safest and most suitable aircraft for your trip. Your Air Charter team is here to make your flight experience incomparably safe and comfortable.

VIP Services & Privacy

Whether you contact us using the online search engine, email, or by phone call, AirCharter uses market-leading network with a dedicated team that’s willing to offer your finest flying experience. The multilingual operations team handles every flight, and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team covers English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese giving you a worldwide arena of destinations. We understand the importance of our customers’ needs and will go that extra mile to fulfil and exceed them. We offer many services that will enhance your flying experience. We are proud to provide you our on-site gourmet chefs that take in-flight dining to new heights with cuisine that pleases the palate as well as the eye. Upon request, AirCharter offers Five Star Gourmet executive meals that will satisfy all your culinary needs anywhere in the world. All requirements may be requested and satisfied during the day of the travel and are billable at the completion of the trip.

On the ground, we also offer special catering for special events for any size groups. From holiday events to executive meeting catering. For more information please consult our Charter Catering Specialists at +1-212-999-4926.

As much as we value our clients, we value their privacy. AirCharter has a comprehensive privacy policy set in place. Discretion and protecting the personal information of our customers is one of our highest priorities. Air charter can arrange a truly personalised VIP experience for your charter flight. We are here to make your flying experience on our private jets as luxurious and unique as you dream it to be.