Gulfstream Jets

Gulfstream jets are very common jets in the industry, nearly as common as lear jets for smaller flights, and much more popular as aircraft for longer ranged flights. Gulfstream’s ability to produce amazing long range jets never ceases to astound the industry. Starting in 1958 Gulfstream has built various types of private aircraft and continues to do so in a reliable and exciting manner. Instead of covering all of Gulfstream’s previous models it is more efficient to detail the most commonly chartered business jets in addition to their current product line.

Gulfstream jet

We start with Gulfstream’s flagship business jet, the G650, which is a long range large jet capable of carrying 19 passengers and capable of flying over 7000 nautical miles. The latest and greatest of avionics and luxury features have been included in the G650, features including full touchscreen panels for pilots and all passengers, in addition to a full-scale in-flight infotainment system with a stunning surround sound system and lie flat seats with a relaxing massage features. The G650 is the fastest large jet produced by Gulfstream or any other manufacturer. Capable of flying mach .9 or a slower mach 8.5, this business jet is at the very top when compared to other business jets in its category.


Secondly is the G550 also capable of holding 19 passengers and flying approximately 5800 nautical miles. Many of the same cabin amenities offered by the G650 are available on the G550 including but not limited to massage seats, large oval windows, the in-flight infotainment system with surround sound and of course lie flat seats for all passengers. The average cost to charter this aircraft per hour is approximately $10,000. While cheaper than the G650 to rent, the G550 is a great alternative for any flights under 5800 nautical miles.


Next is the gulfstream IV, the gulfstream IV is also capable of carrying 19 passengers but is more generally configured for 12 passengers. With a 4220 and 20 nautical mile range the Gulfstream IV is a smaller alternative to the G550, with minimal compromising of cabin space, the Gulfstream IV is a fast and comfortable large jet to fly in. The Gulfstream G4 cost approximately $6,000 to charter an hour, making it fairly cheaper than the G550, without sacrificing too many cabin amenities.


Moving on to the G280, the Gulfstream G280 takes many of its features from the Gulfstream G550, including the same airfoil to allow for faster climb time and  a higher cruise altitude. Seating is typically 10 passengers, in a very comfortable executive style format. There is no doubt that the Gulfstream G280 is a great aircraft capable of flying 3600 nautical miles, a great range for such an aircraft. At first glance the interior of the Gulfstream G280 is identical to the G550 and the G650 in terms of cabin room and headroom. The Gulfstream G280 costs approximately $5,000 to charter per hour.

Gulfstream V

Lastly is the Gulfstream V, a large jet capable of carrying 19 passengers approximately 5800 nautical miles at a service ceiling 51,000 feet, a classic large chat commonly used by aircraft owners and operators worldwide, the Gulfstream V is an iconic business jet first introduced in 1998, with many variants appearing over the years, the gulfstream V has become one of the most popular jets in it’s category. For military purposes and heads of state equally, the Gulfstream V is a common business jet used in the United States and all over the world. The cost to charter a Gulfstream V is approximately $9,000 per hour, and is worth every penny.