Public Charter

Public Charter Express Boarding from the FBO directly on-board. NO MORE LONG CHECK INS & TSA LINES

What is a Public Charter?

Unlike a regular charter flight where you lease/ rent an entire aircraft a public charter is a charter in which a tour operator or airline leases or charters a whole aircraft to sell seats on board the chartered aircraft directly through an agency.

All public charter flights must be filed and authorized by the US DOT if operating on any US territory legally binding the public charter tour operator to the protection of its clients’ funds for service rendered. Many public charter tour operators will offer seasonal operations and are often sold as package deals although in many cases are offered as seats on-board only.

Some tour operators will offer elegantly tailored services with unique choices of meals, drinks and specialized VIP FBO along with express security clearance at high density airports while many other public charter tour operators provide basic services to their customers with cheap charter options that tend to not cater or entertain their guests on-board and often times allow very restricted baggage allowances. It may seem as a very stingy offering by a tour operator, but the demand for such charter flights are increasing to exponential numbers. Many customers are starting to seek the most economical and time saving solution versus luxury and comfort.

On a routine public charter business trip to New York City, Joshua Esteban (partner at a Chicago based Legal Equity Firm) left his suburban Chicago home at 7 am, parked at O’Hare Airport 15 minutes later, boarded a Dornier 328 Jet by 7:30 am bound for Teterboro, NJ, and reached his rental vehicle in Teterboro (awaiting him at Signature Flight Support) by 9:30 am.

After a full day of meetings, Mr. Esteban returned his rental vehicle to Signature Flight Support by 4 pm and reached his driveway at 7 pm, just in time for dinner. Had Mr. Esteban traveled by commercial airline, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve his New York City appointments in one day and return home to his family just in time to enjoy their company.

“The best solution that public air charter has provided me is being able to drop my car off at O’Hare and clear security in 5 minutes and be inside the jet within 10 minutes. I fly to New York at least once or twice a month, and public charter has reduce my operation expenses, made the travel experience a lot more pleasant, and essentially saved me time!” says Mr. Esteban a public charter customer for over 5 years.

This really explains why Dornier 328 jets are fully committed to the Chicago – New York route and why public charter has become more and more popular in the last 5 years after failing to kick off for over a decade.


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