How to Choose the Best Private Jet for Charter

Choosing the best private jet for your trip can make a huge difference in airtime, comfort, and price. The basics of private jet charter involve receiving an online price on our booking engine displaying the best possible matches by price per category. The results returned often include the best private jet, but making the choice of best private jet depends on category, destination, range, and availability.

We start first by choosing the correct category, choosing the best private jet can sometimes involve not using a private jet at all, but a piston or turboprop. For short range flights, under 1000 nautical miles, very often if air speed is not an issue and you don’t mind leaving slightly earlier to make it to the destination on time, a turboprop or piston is a great alternative. Cabin noise levels are comparable to a jet with new advances in turboprop technology, and turboprops and pistons alike can be very comfortable for a small flight with under 5 passengers. Though at this category of short distance flights, a VLJ (very light jet) would be the best private jet for the trip if flight time is of the essence. A VLJ would be able to maintain up to two times the speed of a turboprop or piston.

For small or mid sized domestic flights, light jets are the best private jet available for up to 8 passengers, while some light jets might be tight for 8 passengers, other alternatives are available for large groups. Most light jets are capable of flying up to 1500 nmi without an issue (depending on passenger load and wind speed) and are usually configured with seating for 4 in a club configuration as well as a 3 seat divan. These jets are much faster than any turboprop or piston, but tend to be a much more expensive alternative, as jets are much less fuel efficient (but also fly at nearly double the airspeed)

best private jetFor passenger counts above 7, it is always advised to charter a mid sized jet as the best alternative. These jets are capable of flying 2000-4000 nmi and are typically configured for 8-10 passengers, with 8 passengers, a mid sized jet is very roomy, with enough space separating you from the other passengers, but tend to get a bit cluttered in 10 passenger+ configurations. Not only are mid sized jets a step up in cabin size, but also made great advances in range, most mid sized jets are capable of intercontinental flights without an issue, while some longer intercontinental flights would benefit from a super mid sized jet, which has a slightly roomier cabin and extended range capability, this of course with a price premium per hour.

Large jets are great for larger trips (at over 3000 nmi) and for larger passenger counts, large jets can accommodate up to 19 passengers and are the best private jet for the job for larger groups of passengers, large jets offer the most luxurious in-cabin amenities such as lie-flat seats with massage modes, mobile device controlled lighting and entertainment systems, full on-board kitchens and full-sized bathrooms with showers and much more. Large jets can retail up to $16,000 an hour for the latest and greatest, but are well worth the price increase considering how comfortable and fast your flight can be.

Now that we have learned how to choose the best private jet by category and range, we will discuss availability. The results shown in the booking engine are not 100% confirmed available aircraft, but we at make sure to provide the best private jet option possible for our customers in case of lack of availability. As per our procedure, we search for the aircraft closest to you (or the departure location) and then outwards from there based on price and availability, we make sure to deliver the best possible options to our customers if they are not able to find the best private jet possible for their trip.