ATR unveiled a HighLine collection of high-end cabins for business and commercial operators of its twin-turboprop regional airliners today at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany. Created in collaboration with “luxury design experts,” the collection comprises five main cabin configurations, spanning the operational needs of air carriers seeking to offer their customers a premium flying experience, according to the Franco-Italian company.

They include the Bespoke VIP cabin, for personal transport or lifestyle missions; All Business Class of up to 30 seats for Part 135 and scheduled private operations; Premium Flex, which can convert standard double-seats into single premium seating for boutique airlines and charter operators; the head-of-state Multi-Section cabin; and Multi-Class, a 50-seat interior with a dedicated first class.

With the increased focus on sustainability, ATR noted its aircraft burn and emit 45 percent less fuel and CO2 than regional jets, and it labeled the prospective HighLine-outfitted ATRs “a responsible choice for commercial and business aviation operators.”

“Our aircraft offer the same cabin size as the largest business jets while cutting carbon emissions [almost] in half,” said ATR head of business development Tarek Ben Omrane. The high-end cabins, he noted, are part of ATR’s efforts “to disrupt the regional travel industry from within by creating a superb onboard atmosphere and using the lowest-emission technology on the market.”

Source AIN Online