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Last Minute Charters for the Fifa World Cup

Last Minute Charters for the Fifa World Cup Last Minute Charters for the Fifa World Cup are available from Very soon, the top soccer teams from all continents will play in Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup! If you’re interested in attending, this would be the best time to book your charter to travel to Brazil in order to witness and be part of such historical event. Most of the commercial airliners are almost fully booked for such flights. Furthermore, air traffic in Brazil might just be super high causing lack of flight to games’ destination, resulting in obligations to take ground transportation which won’t be as comfortable and convenient as air travel. Jessie Parker, Operations Manager at aircharter stated: “ has been taking orders and inquiries for charter flights to, and within, Brazil for quite a while now. The competition will have 64 matches in 12 different cities, all over the country. With distances of up to 3,000 Kilometers to travel, ground or even coach traveling wouldn’t be the most pleasant experience. Chartering a plane is often the most convenient and pleasing way to travel from one game to another. Over the past few World Cups we have arranged numerous amounts of flights for fans, sponsors and teams and expect to have more in the very near future” With us, you can travel from your home country or city to any city in Brazil on a chartered jet and get there feeling rested, relaxed and ready to enjoy the culture, food and sport of Brazil. You can pick from any of our available collection of aircraft the best jet to fit your needs based on our group size and distance. offers concierge service that can coordinate any aspect

Video: Flying private vs commercial

A video by Cessna shows us a quick example of how much faster it is to fly private. They followed two businessmen from Chattanooga, both with the same destination: an office building on 42nd Street in Times Square, New York. They booked one on the most direct commercial flight we could find, and the other on a private Cessna Citation CJ2+. With camera crews following their every movement, we got a side-by-side perspective of just how important your chosen method of air transport can be. In the end, you just have to ask yourself: are you ready to get your life back?