Summer private jet destinations

Summer Private Jet Destinations Summertime is the time to travel in style with Aircharter can fly to 16,000 airports all around the world encompassing many popular summer private jet destinations. We allow you to fly a group of any size anywhere in the world in the most impeccable luxury and comfort. Aircharter flies everything from turboprops to VIP configured airliners and no trip is too small or too large for us. As VIP travel destinations demand VIP air and ground transportation, we are at the ready with thousands upon thousands of potential airports allowing for a total of 255 million possible city pairs. Our dedicated summer charter team is already working at full force and will continue doing so for your satisfaction. Our most popular city pairs and their pricing are located below: New York -> Cancun  $14,000 (Light Jet) $18,000 (Mid Jet) California -> Cancun $24,000 (Light Jet) $31,000 (Mid Jet) Florida -> Cancun $13,000 (Light Jet) $16,000 (Mid Jet) New York -> Rome   $105,000 (Large Jet) California -> Rome $140,000 (Large Jet) Florida -> Rome $106,000 (Mid Jet) $130,000 (Large Jet) New York -> Florida $9,000 (Light Jet) $14,000 (Mid Jet) California -> Florida $23,000 (Light Jet) $36,000 (Mid Jet) Florida ->  Montego Bay, Jamaica $7,000 (TurboProp) $11,000 (Light Jet) New york -> Oranjestad, Aruba $17,000 (Mid Jet) $42,000 (Large Jet) California -> Oranjestad, Aruba $35,000 (Light Jet) $43,000 (Mid Jet) Florida -> Oranjestad, Aruba $11,000 (Turboprop) $11,000 (Light Jet) Pricing is listed as one way for 6 passengers, though larger aircraft may seat more than 6 passengers and will allow you to fill up the aircraft for the same rate, as private jet charter includes rental of the entire aircraft for your own personal and/or