Bombardier Global 6500

The Global 6500 is a twin-engine, large-category business jet that is produced by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. Part of the company’s Global series of business jets, the Global 6500’s first flight took place on Jan. 31, 2018.   Following the completion of its flight-test program, the Global 6500—which, along with the Global Express and Global 6000, is based on the BD-700-1A10 type— received type certification from Transport Canada in the third quarter of 2019. From a design perspective, the Global 6500 is an upgraded version of the Global 6000 which offers improvements that include Rolls-Royce’s Pearl 15 engine and aerodynamic changes to the wing.   The Global 6500 can accommodate a maximum of 19 passengers in addition to the two required crew. Those passengers are accommodated in a cabin that has a length of 43 ft. 3 in.— measured from the cockpit divider to the “aft most” portion of the cabin, excluding the airframe’s baggage compartment—width of 7 ft. 11 in. and height of 6 ft. 2 in., with that width promoted as being the “widest in class.” Flight crews operate the Global 6500 using Bombardier’s Vision flight deck, which includes “four large displays” and is able to be equipped with a combined vision system (CVS) that integrates the enhanced and synthetic vision system “images in a single view.”   Rolls-Royce’s Pearl 15 engine is described as being purpose-built to power the Global 6500 and able to produce 15,125 lbf. of thrust, which is flat rated to 15°C above standard. The improved aerodynamics of the Pearl 15’s core are touted as allowing the engine to both produce more power and be more efficient, while the aerodynamic improvements made to the Global 6500’s wing included reprofiling the