Wholesales Personal Protective Equipment PPE for Covid-19


Air Charter now offers disposable PPE products direct from the factory to our customer’s designated logistics receiving facilities. All purchases are by production orders with the manufacturer.

The manufacturer has agreed to address the most frequent concerns voiced by our customers:
Assurance that the product is real and the financial risk associated with purchasing direct from foreign manufacturers.

Our manufacturer is deferring all payments until “glove shipments are “On-The-Ground in the USA with a USA SGS and a BOL from the ground transportation carrier.”

The Buyer is required to place funds in escrow for an amount sufficient to pay for the scheduled current monthly shipments. For creditworthy customers, there are opportunities to proceed based on a purchase order without a financial instrument (this is determined on a case by case basis). For Federal, State and County orders, terms are available and depend upon the purchaser’s credit worthiness.

Payment is due in full upon presentation of the documentation for customs clearance, SGS, and BOL. Customers, or their representatives, are welcome to personally inspect the shipment at the time of SGS inspection prior to the loading of the trucks.

This is essentially a customized order with On-The-Ground payment that includes customs and ground delivery logistics. No more worrying about deposits and incremental payments.

For your review here are Pricing, Purchase Procedure information and Product Specification Sheets. The purchase procedures apply to all PPE products. For U.S. delivery of Nitrile Glove purchase procedures, see page two of the Purchase Procedures.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are the equipment that guards and protects the body of the wearer from injuries or infections such as masks, clothing, helmets, goggles etc. Protective equipment hazards include, physical, chemicals, biohazards, heat and electrical particulate matter. Protective equipment is used for industrial safety and health purposes. The need for respiratory equipment is increasing day by day in healthcare, mining, military and law enforcement, emergency response and fire services, coupled with rising workplace injuries, is anticipated to boost market growth for personal protective equipment over the coming years. Growing awareness of employees’ security and health, in addition to rising industrial deaths primarily in emerging economies due to lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), is expected to steer the market over the forecast years. Increasing consumer needs for PPE and technological innovations will further increase market expansion. The global personal protective equipment market is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period.

AirCharter.com has partnered with the world largest manufacturers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Covid-19 

Personal Protective Equipment PPE for Covid-19New coronavirus disease cases continue to rise, and the pandemic’s rapidly increasing demands threaten health systems globally. Recently, demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) consisting of protective gowns, face shields, surgical masks, protective goggles and disposable gloves is witnessing a significant increase as the disease spreads beyond China-the COVID-19 outbreak epicenter. Moreover, strong government focus on PPE stockpiling and a hundredfold increase in demand are early warning signs of product shortage that may be on the horizon.

Recognizing the widespread use of personal protective equipment outside patient care by common citizens to protect themselves from COVID-19, supply chain stakeholders take this opportunity to raise the competitive price of their products. Despite significant efforts to increase production capacity, supplies stagnate and the market situation has become severe, mainly due to prolonged factory closure in China. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the global supply of PPE-driven by misuse, panic buying and stockpiling-is putting lives at the risk of both healthcare workers and patients.

AirCharter.com has PPE Available in plane loads from india, China, Malaysia and Vietnam

The personal protective equipment market is classified based on industry, product and hazard. The personal protective equipment based on industry is further classified as construction, manufacturing, chemicals, transport, oil & gas, food, etc. By product the market is segmented into head protection, leg and foot protection equipment, hand and arm protection, eyes and face protection, protective clothing and respiratory protection equipment. The market is segmented into electrical, chemical, fire and biological based on hazard. Geographically, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America and Middle East & Africa (MEA). The Covid-19 Treatment market has been further segmented into respective countries. The report overall covers 20 countries and regions combined, globally.

The key players operating within the global personal protective equipment for covid-19 market include Avon Rubber P.L.C, Honeywell, Delta Plus, 3M Company, Alpha Pro Tech Limited, DuPont, Rock Fall Limited, Uvex Safety Group, COFRA Srl, Gateway Safety, Inc., JAL Group Italia Srl, among others that AirCharter.com works with to procure Covid-19 PPE.

PPE  Price List as of 09-01-2020

Branded Nitrile Gloves     Sea  Air Freight
Nitrile Gloves, Brand: “Brightway”   4 mm add $2.40 per bx
Nitrile Gloves, Brand: “Superior”   4 mm  
Nitrile Gloves, Brand: “V Glove”   4 mm    
Price Per Box – 100 pcs     $9.61 $12.01
Price Per Case (10 boxes / cs)     $96.10 $120.10
MOQ: 50,000 boxes     $480,500.00 $600,500.00
Isolation Gown – AAMI Level 2        
Per Gown:     $2.92  
Per Case 50 Individual bagged / case :     $146.00  
MOQ: 650 Cases –32,500 pieces:     $94,900.00  
Isolation Gown – AAMI Level 3        
Per Gown:     $2.92  
Per Case 50 Individual bagged / case :     $146.00  
MOQ: 650 Cases – 32,500 pieces:     $94,900.00  
Hand Sanitizer – Gallon(s)        
Per Gallon     $10.70  
Per Case: 4 gallons / case     $42.80  
MOQ: 500 Cases     $85,600.00  
Hand Sanitizer – Drum(s)        
Per Gallon     $10.70  
Per Drum:     $642.00  
MOQ: 210 Drums – 12,600 Gallons     $134,820.00  
ISA Commission Rate Per Drum $15.00      
Disinfectant Wipes        
Wipes Per Pouch     80  
Per Pouch     $2.88  
Per Case (100 pouches / cs):     $288.00  
MOQ: 500 cases – 50,000 Pouches     $144,000.00  
ISA Commission Rate Per Case $5.00      
Face Shields, Individually Bagged        
Per Shield, Bagged     $2.11  
Per Case (10 / cs):     $211.00  
MOQ: 500 Cases   $10,550.00  


PPD Purchase ProcedureCatalog Sheet – Superieur Nitrile Gloves
09-01-2020 – Purchase Procedure

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