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Charter Flights to Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

Charter Flights to Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

One of the busiest airports for private jet charter is Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, located approximately 17 miles north of Phoenix, AZ. It is about a 30 minute drive from Phoenix Deer Valley Airport to the center of Phoenix via I-17N, though much farther away than Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix Deer Valley Airport is an executive airport which includes 2 runways of 4,500 ft and 8,200 ft respectively, the 4,500 ft runway can easily accommodate all pistons and turboprops, as well as most light jets and a few mid sized jets, while the 8,200 ft runway can accommodate aircraft as large as widebody airliners without a hitch. With around 1,000 aircraft based at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, and over 350,000 aircraft takeoff and landings per day, this makes Phoenix Deer Valley Airport one of the top 5 highest private aircraft airports in terms of private air traffic density.

With 2 FBOs (fixed based operators) on site, Phoenix Deer Valley Airport offers ground based gourmet catering, as well as rental car and limo service and many other ground amenities offered by FBOs such as VIP lounges and the ability to simply walk or drive up to your aircraft after a very brief security check. Though not open 24 hours a day like the aforementioned Sky Harbor International Airport, Deer Valley Airport is open from 6 am to midnight, which are realistically decent hours, as very few private flights are flown between midnight and 6 am. In the rare case that your flight may arrive between those hours, Sky Harbor International Airport, which is only about 20 miles away, though Sky Harbor International Airport is traditionally an airport for commercial […]

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Private Flights to Daytona Beach

Private Flights to Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach International Airport, although being an international airport, is one of the highest traffic airports for private flights. With Four FBOs (fixed base operators) and 8 flight schools on site, this airport is more on the scale of executive airport than an international airport. Daytona Beach International Airport covers about 1,800 acres of real estate, with 3 major runways spanning 10,500, 6,000, and 3,200 ft respectively. The longest runway can accommodate any production aircraft imaginable, while the 6,000 ft runway is perfect for any private aircraft, with a few exceptions (such as widebody business jets). The 3,000 ft runway is great for the aviation schools hosted in the airport, but also as a third runway for piston and turboprop aircraft to land at/take off from.
With a yearly density of about 300,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings yearly, one can clearly see how Daytona Beach International Airport compares to much smaller executive airports also considering that a mere 1% of those aircraft are commercial aircraft. With larger airports such as these, your embarking and disembarking will be handled exclusively by an FBO, allowing you to avoid long lines at security and TSA, and board your aircraft directly after a brief security search. All four FBOs at Daytona Beach International Airport offer beautifully designed and comfortable lounges and waiting areas and also offer ground catering and can accommodate special dining or security requests.
Located approximately three miles from Daytona Beach, this airport not only offers near-direct access to Daytona beach but also the Daytona International Speedway, home to the Daytona 500 since 1959. The Daytona Beach International Airport is one of the most commonly chartered to airports in the United States, and easily the […]

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Private Charter Flights to Las Vegas

Private Charter Flights to Las Vegas
If you have flown to the Las Vegas area, it is more than likely you have seen McCarran International Airport. McCarran International Airport or LAS as per it’s given FAA LID, is the major airport serving the las vegas area. With several FBO (fixed base operators) on site capable of serving your every ground-based needs, from ground based catering to security and limo services. LAS’s facilities span 2,800 acres and include the Las Vegas Executive Air Terminal. With an estimated 625,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings a year, LAS is a enormous airport in terms of traffic. But worry not, as LAS also serves a large amount of private flights yearly. Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations worldwide, and LAS has become the most popular airport in the area despite nearby airports such as North Las Vegas Airport, LAS continues to be a number one airport for charter flights in the area. LAS is approximately a 15 minute drive from the center of Las Vegas, giving you near instant access to shopping centers as well as the Las Vegas strip. LAS a very popular airport for celebrities and businessmen alike, with on site amenities not offered by other airports.

The second option for private flights is the North Las Vegas Airport or VGT. VGT is the second airport in the Las Vegas area and is the second busiest airport in Las Vegas and the third busiest in all of Nevada. VGT is located near the center of Las Vegas and allows more direct access to the city in a reasonable amount of time. VGT covers an area of 920 acres and includes two runways at 5,000 ft long and 4,200 […]

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Private Charter Flights to Van Nuys Airport

Private Charter Flights to Van Nuys Airport
Just as Teterboro is the major charter hub for the northeastern united states, Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles is the most common executive airport in the southwest. Averaging over 1200 landings and takeoffs a day, Van Nuys airport is without doubt a massive executive airport. No commercial flights originate or terminate here, making this a purely privately used airport. Just within the city limits of Los Angeles and spanning over a 730 acre area, Van Nuys airport is located 30 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles or the West Hollywood / Beverly Hills area.
Van Nuys serves as a major airport to reduce congestion at the nearby Los Angeles International (LAX) airport. In terms of practicality, flying to Van Nuys is faster and easier than flying in to LAX whist flying private. With no international terminals and long TSA and security checks, aircraft are able to land and takeoff with little delay, using any of the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) as a terminal instead of having to go through the hassle of airport terminal lines. With two major runways, spanning 4,000 ft and 8,000 ft respectively, aircraft as large as an airliner can land here without an issue, meaning any large scale charter aircraft such as a regional jet or a BBJ can land in Van Nuys without issue. Security and safety are an important aspect of any airport, an the Van Nuys airport boasts 24 hour patrols and other services to ensure airfield security. This coupled with the 4 FBOs located at Van Nuys offering their own security and safety precautions.
Van Nuys remains one of our favorite executive airports in the world. Most customers prefer to land at an executive […]

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Private flights to Teterboro

Private flights to Teterboro Airport
Teterboro NJ, 8 miles from Manhattan, this is the go-to airport for travelers heading into the New York City area. Teterboro airport (KTEB) features two runways, 6,015 ft long and 7000 ft long respectively. As well as multiple FBO (fixed base operators) on site to assist you with acquiring vehicles, special ground catering, or security. Driving to Teterboro is simple, as it is accessible by busses, trains, and limousines, with under a 20 minute driving time into Manhattan’s center. And is accessible by car via the George Washington Bridge or Lincoln Tunnel. Also included in Teterboro airport is The Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey with offers fine art, aviation photographs, historic aircraft and spacecraft equipment, artifacts and a very extensive collection of models. The Aviation Hall of Fame strives to celebrate those men and women whose outstanding aeronautical achievements have brought worldwide recognition to the country and state. the recently renovated museum includes a Convair 880 Jetliner Cockpit, a Grumman OV-1A Mohawk (a classic US military aircraft), as well as a fully restored M.A.S.H. tent, as well as over 4,000 industry literature and aviation videotapes.. With twenty three hangars, this is one of the largest executive airports on the east coast.

Teterboro is a major private jet hub in the northeast with more than 400 landings and takeoffs a day, and the facilities to handle such a load. With two refueling stations and over 100 resident aircraft at the Teterboro airport, why bother flying into JFK or LaGuardia airports? The hassle and wait times are not worth the slightly shorter distance into Manhattan (a 2 mile difference). Teterboro executive airport has runways capable of accommodating even the largest private […]

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