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New Mobile App

AirCharter SmartPhone App is pleased to announce the release of its mobile app available on Android, iOS and Microsoft. For the first time in the US a system will allow users to view what is normally held confidential by brokers. In all transparence view the complete operator information along with the tail number and aircraft data for as little as $4 per record, customers can view it all including cost of block hour rates as well as aircraft specifications, insurance, safety rating, up-to-date interior and exterior aircraft photos. AirCharter Credits will unlock a tail data indefinitely for viewing. With the provided data the user will be able to contact aircraft operators directly, avoiding what can cost thousands of dollars in broker commissions traditionally. No annual membership fees are required.’s mobile app allows you to search for and book private jet flights conveniently from your device in real time. Looking for empty legs?’s official mobile app allows you to search through thousands of empty legs, updated in real-time. Using’s 12 000 plus accredited list of verified aircraft worldwide, you can book a flight on any private aircraft, ranging from pistons to full sized airliners. Unlike other apps that limit you to a max of 19 passengers has no limit. Users using this new mobile app can get instant quotes with near flawless accuracy, giving customers an exact figure expected to pay for the trip. With a few clicks customers can view the cost of each leg, the cost of repositioning and the ability to change the departure airport to the home base of the aircraft, saving thousands of dollars. For a limited time, AirCharter is offering a 10 Aircharter Credits for free […]

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Jet Card Programs vs Private Jet Charter

Jet Card Programs vs Private Jet Charter
When faced with a need for a private aircraft, you will find many options to choose from, and each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. The three major options are: fractional ownership, jet card services, and air charter. Other methods of buying private jet flight time do exist, but generally will fall under one of the previous three categories for the sake of simplicity.
First, let us discuss fractional ownership, which requires an upfront payment of at least 1/16th of the aircraft’s valued price and will allow you to have a percentage of hours on the aircraft. Now for some parties interested in owning a private jet, fractional ownership is a cost effective solution if your travel schedule is predictable.
Though most fractional ownership providers claim that their service is like owning an aircraft with no need to worry about upkeep or management, these companies charge a “monthly management fee” and require “at least 4 hours notice before a domestic departure”, this added with a heavy entry fee and a limited fleet of aircraft make fractional ownership not for everyone, mainly frequent private travelers with a set daily or weekly route can opt for such type of charter. For more information about what fractional ownership of a private jet entails, please consult our Fractional Ownership vs. Private Jet charter analysis.

Jet Card Programs

Jet card companies will sell you a set amount of hours on aircraft they own and operate. Traditionally, these are sold in 25, 50, and 100 hour increments. The selling point is that by purchasing a larger amount of hours, you can save in hourly costs by paying a flat hourly rate and avoid unexpected charges. This is far from the truth sometimes, not only can […]

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Airplane Tail Numbers

Airplane Tail Numbers Explained
Aircraft tail numbers are used for unique identification of aircraft. Similar to a license plate on a vehicle, there are a combination of rules that require the aircraft to display the registration number on the aircraft itself, as well as keeping documents on hand noting the certificate of registration, which exhibits the aircraft tail number.
Commonly referred to as an “N number” in the united states, each country in the world has different prefixes, suffixes, and even off-limits tail numbers reserved for military or governmental purposes. For example, the Dassault Falcon 7X pictured above belongs to the Dassault Aviation company and is used as a display aircraft. The Tail number on the 7X has a “F” prefix, noting that the aircraft was registered in France. Tail numbers may be switched from aircraft to aircraft, or retired entirely. In some countries, it is possible to change the tail number of an airplane due to a change of ownership, change of country, or simply for vanity purposes.

Plane tail numbers are generally 5 characters long, with a country indicator at the start. Country indicators in some cases are easy to figure out with; Germany for explain is “D” while Japan is “JA” Canada is “C”. But some country indicators can be confusing with “B” for China, “OY” for Denmark, and “SX” for Greece.

In all cases of private jet travel, the aircraft tail number is also the radio callsign for the aircraft, this may be different for commercial flights, and some odd governmental exceptions such as Air Force One. In the case of United States tail numbers, the rules are well defined: The tail number will start with N and continue alphanumerically, cannot start with a zero after […]

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World Economic Forum – 2015 Meeting in Davos

World Economic Forum – 2015 Meeting in Davos
Since 1971, the World Economic Forum or WEF has been known for helping shape the future of the world. Best known for the annual meeting centered in the Davos Mountain Resort in Graubünden, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum will bring together over 2,000 business leaders together on January 21st – 24th, 2015 for the annual meeting in Davos. This January, over 1,000 high profile CEOs will be joined by a group of politicians, religious leaders, non-governmental organizations, as well as media to discuss key global issues.
The themes of this year’s meeting in Davos include: Understanding the new global context brought about by a new technological revolution, the future of the internet, impacts of the internet revolution that have yet to occur, and the soon upcoming robotic revolution. Discussing conflict areas in the world, and making a contribution to reconciliation efforts, and overall move towards the direction of collaboration at a worldwide level.
The 45th annual meeting in Davos is accessible by helicopter from a few nearby airports including but not limited to Engadin, St. Gallen-Altenrhein, and Zurich. hundreds of private aircraft will be landing in these larger airports and then flying the expected guests to Davos Mountain Resort in Graubünden.

Landing and parking spots at nearby airports are expected to be unable to meet the enormous demand brought about by the annual Davos meeting. The largest airport in the area is limited to a meager 60 parking slots for private jets, and the smaller regional airports lack the ability to handle larger private aircraft such as super heavy jets. This means that last minute bookings are near impossible at this point, Swiss representatives have opened up Dübendorf Military base for […]

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Last Minute Flights

Last Minute Flights
Booking a private jet at the last minute can be rather difficult for most private jet charter providers. But where others may fail, Aircharter exceeds expectations by offering a 24/7 concierge service. Finding last minute deals usually requires making a great deal of calls, but using our enormous network of over 10,000 aircraft, we can locate a last minute deal much faster than the competition.

Empty Legs
Check empty leg flights for the day, our empty leg offers can be found here. Sort by region of the world to locate an empty leg for your last minute flight, thousands of empty leg offers are added daily and are constantly updated to give our customer the best choice of empty leg flights available. Cheap empty leg flights are easy to find considering the average cost of an empty leg is about half of the cost to charter a private plane. Finding a business jet for hire can take moments with a quick search, after which, calling to inquire about the empty leg would mean if said private jet is available, you would be able to book a last minute private flight in under 30 minutes, sometimes allowing for near instant departure if your private jet is at your departure airport or nearby already.

Locate an aircraft owner / operator directly
Although this seems like a great option, and one would assume that no charter broker company would e able to beat direct pricing from the aircraft owner, this is wrong. Having a charter flight company handle your last minute flight means having direct access to all of their aircraft resources. In the time a customer can locate one or two aircraft in the immediate area, Aircharter can locate tens, […]

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Charter Flights to Super Bowl XLIX

Charter Flights to Super Bowl XLIX
February 1st, 2015: Watch history in the making when chartering a private jet to Glendale, AZ’s University of Phoenix Stadium to watch Super Bowl XLIX. Eyewitness the second Super Bowl to be played at this stadium and the third to be held in the Phoenix Metro Area.

The glorious University of Phoenix Stadium “UPS” has been a premium stadium choice for the NFL to hold Super Bowl XLII. Since that decision, the Phoenix Metro has made revolutionary preparations for the enormous NFL final. This is the second Super Bowl to be held at the UPS; in February 3rd, 2008 the triumphant New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants producing one of the biggest shockers in NFL history.

Like many sports events worldwide, numerous fans charter private jets to attend super bowls. There are many variables that may cause you to miss such a historical event when flying commercial:

– Severe Weather Conditions
– Overbooked Airliners
– Group Privacy
– Delays and cancellations the day of your flight
Aboard your chartered aircraft, you travel with passengers of your own choice, eat and drink what you’ve ordered in advance, and enjoy the personal privacy that leaves you perfectly comfortable to discuss business, make phone calls, or just relax and feel at home. Compared to flying scheduled airlines, air charter is, in absolutely every respect, smoother, easier, less complicated. Not only do you save a great deal of time at the passenger terminal, but your chartered plane will most often take off within a few minutes after you board. As the smaller airports handle less traffic, take-off and landing delays are quite rare. Factor in the increased productivity that results from less stressful travel and the enhanced possibilities of […]

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Best Private Jet Posts from 2014

Pilatus PC-24 Unveiled at EBACE14
An unexpected aircraft from Pilatus, the PC-24, was the least expected from a company best known for their piston aircraft. This private jet will be capable of takeoffs in 2690 feet, giving the PC-24 access to 21,000 airports ad airstrips that larger aircraft cannot access. Estimated to cost approximately $9 Million and expected to ship in 2017. This SVJ (Super Versatile Jet) will be capable of 1800 nm range with 6 passengers on board. Not bad Pilatus! Read More

How a Wet Lease Works
Here the basics of wet lease or ACMI are detailed and compared to traditional charter. Wet leasing an aircraft means nearly full ownership of said aircraft for the duration of the lease, whereas charter is more commonly billed and executed based on the actual hours of aircraft usage, allowing other passengers to use the aircraft while unused during brief waiting periods (1-5 Days). Read More

Turboprops vs Light Jets
Turboprops are often looked down upon with no apparent reason. Fears of noisy cabins and safety are the most common misconceptions, as is comfort. Modern day turboprops are just as quiet as their light jet counterparts, and offer the same safety and comfort features. Without in-depth knowledge, it is hard to distinguish light jets from turboprop interiors, the similarity is striking. Read More

Air Share Programs vs Private Jet Charter
Air share programs are ripped apart in this article, where some basic knowledge and math come together to disprove the cost-effectiveness of air share programs. Though air share programs do excel in some other aspects and each method of private jet time ownership is built for a specific type of customer. Nevertheless traditional charter come out on top in nearly every scenario. Read More

NBAA 2014 Roundup
Gulfstream Aerospace unveils the […]

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Our Favorite Private Jet Moments from 2014

Our Favorite Private Jet Moments from 2014
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the team! We here at Aircharter love our private jet photos, and included are our favorite 7 photos from 2014. Featured above was our aircraft of choice for transporting the Ghana National team to the FIFA World Cup in June of 2014. This 767 was selected especially for nonstop travel straight into brazil in a comfortable widebody; Featured in CNN’s “Great World Cup Airplane Paint Jobs”.

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Large Jets – Private Jet Cost per Hour

Large Jets – Private Jet Cost per Hour
One of the advantages of private jet charter is paying for the hours you fly. Your private jet cost per hour can easily be used to estimate the cost of a trip, though other tools can give a much more accurate estimate; our booking engine for example can calculate with near flawless accuracy nearly every itinerary you can think of. Large jets account for a major part of the private jet workforce, and have a reputation for being a very comfortable way to travel. Some long ranged jets offer the same in-cabin space and features as long range jets, but lack in range. For domestic trips or even standard international flights, a large jet is usually more than sufficient in terms of range, speed and comfort. Large jets typically cost between $4,000 and $10,000 an hour to charter. Keep in mind that this rate is for actual airtime, and also the airtime for the aircraft to fly to pick you up at your departure location, as well as the cost of ferrying the aircraft back to it’s base are are included in the calculations. Though as previously noted in the previous article about long ranged jets, finding an empty leg is not difficult given enough warning and time to search for a suitable aircraft, in which case, you would only be responsible for the airtime you personally use.
Large jets as a whole have a reasonable hourly cost for charter, while long range jets start at approximately $8,000 an hour, large jets offer that starting at half of the price. Large jets traditionally have a range under 4,000 nautical miles, which is still more than enough for most intercontinental […]

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Super Long Ranged Jets – Private Jet Cost per Hour

Super Long Ranged Jets – Private Jet Cost per Hour
We begin our multi-part article about the approximate private jet cost per hour for each major aircraft category. We will begin with Long Ranged Large Jets or heavy jets. Afterwards, we will discuss large jets, mid sized and super mid sized jets, light jets and very light jets, turboprops and pistons, and finally widebody airliners and VIP airliners. We begin with long ranged jets as they are a tightly knit category, where there majority of the aircraft have the same cabin size and allow very long ranged flights. Notable heavy jets are the Gulfstream G650, the Bombardier Global Express 5000, 6000, and XRS, Dassault’s Falcon 7X, as well as many others. More in depth information can be found on our aircraft guide by choosing Long Range Jet from the categories. The private jet cost per hour for long range jets is usually, if not always $8,000 to $19,000 per hour. This may be quite a range, but keep in mind these rates vary greatly depending on wether these aircraft are chartered in the united states or elsewhere in the world, the hourly rate for private aircraft in the united states is usually less costly than chartering in Europe or Asia due to a large amount of available jets in the united states which creates competition in terms of aircraft’s hourly rental rate. Also, aircraft such as the Gulfstream G500 date back to the 1990s, and while well maintained and completely refurbished on the interior, these remain older aircraft, which make them less costly to charter per hour.
These are real world figures from our database of over 10,000 aircraft worldwide. The cost per hour will almost always […]

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