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Private flights to the 2014 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Private flights to the 2014 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Starting with practice races on Friday November 21 to the final race on Sunday November 23rd, this year’s final Formula 1 Grand Prix is being held in the world’s richest city. Abu Dhabi has been home to a Grand Prix since 2009 with its stunning 5.55 kilometer Yas Marina Circuit, boasting the longest straight in this year’s Formula 1 calendar. Beautifully placed on Yas Island, with a waterfront setting, the Yas Marina Circuit winds around the brand new marina. Yas Marina Circuit’s opening race in 2009 was a night race, the very first in Formula 1 history. 23 drivers will be driving the standard 55 laps around the Yas Marina Circuit starting at 5 pm local time, through the sunset and into the night over the course of the race. The world’s best Formula 1 drivers will all come together for this year’s last race of the Grand Prix season. This is the event of the year to watch in person! The beauty of Abu Dhabi and of the Yas Marina Circuit cannot be properly represented with words or images. With only 10 days remaining for the final race, now is the best time to book a private jet to Abu Dhabi’s Al Bateen Executive Airport; 17 kilometers from the Yas Marina Circuit, and offering the very best in luxury services from VIP lounges, ground catering and limousine services. With only 5 minute taxi time from landing to the executive terminal, there is no better location to land for this event. Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island is home to Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World, The Yas Hotel, Yas Marina, and of course the Yas Marina Circuit.

Cessna Citation series explained

Understanding the Cessna Citation series The Cessna Citation series is well known for a wide range of light and mid sized jets, all with the Citation nomenclature. Though things may get confusing for some travelers when names such as Citation Jet 2, Citation II, and Citation bravo, to the untrained eye, these all seem like a single aircraft, or three different aircraft, but in reality, these are two aircraft. The Citation Bravo is a common name for the revamped Citation II, but the Citation Jet 2 (CJ2) is a whole other aircraft altogether. Now that may clear up a single aircraft, but which aircraft is the Citation Excell and the Citation Encore? How many real variants of the Citation are available from Cessna? What do all of these variant names mean?   The full list of Citation aircraft is as follows: Citation I (includes: Citation I/SP) Citation II (includes: Citation II/SP, Citation S/II, Citation Bravo) Citation III (includes: Citation VI, Citation VII) Citation V (includes: Citation Ultra, Citation Encore, Citation Encore+) Citation Excel (includes: Citation XLS, Citation XLS+) Citation X (includes: Citation X+) Citation Sovereign CitationJet 1 (includes: CJ1+, Citation M2) CitationJet 2 (includes: CJ2+) CitationJet 3 CitationJet 4 Citation Mustang Citation Latitude   It is understandable to be confused about the immense family of Citation aircraft. But the basics of aircraft naming can be simplified: The original aircraft name is usually the very first production model, it is common to upgrade said model with new avionics, engines, safety features, and modifications to extend range. Concerning the Citation I and Citation II, the SP designation means the aircraft is built for single pilot operations, these may or may not allow a second pilot, depending on the aircraft.

Private flights to Teterboro

Private flights to Teterboro Airport Teterboro NJ, 8 miles from Manhattan, this is the go-to airport for travelers heading into the New York City area. Teterboro airport (KTEB) features two runways, 6,015 ft long and 7000 ft long respectively. As well as multiple FBO (fixed base operators) on site to assist you with acquiring vehicles, special ground catering, or security. Driving to Teterboro is simple, as it is accessible by busses, trains, and limousines, with under a 20 minute driving time into Manhattan’s center. And is accessible by car via the George Washington Bridge or Lincoln Tunnel. Also included in Teterboro airport is The Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey with offers fine art, aviation photographs, historic aircraft and spacecraft equipment, artifacts and a very extensive collection of models. The Aviation Hall of Fame strives to celebrate those men and women whose outstanding aeronautical achievements have brought worldwide recognition to the country and state. the recently renovated museum includes a Convair 880 Jetliner Cockpit, a Grumman OV-1A Mohawk (a classic US military aircraft), as well as a fully restored M.A.S.H. tent, as well as over 4,000 industry literature and aviation videotapes.. With twenty three hangars, this is one of the largest executive airports on the east coast. Teterboro is a major private jet hub in the northeast with more than 400 landings and takeoffs a day, and the facilities to handle such a load. With two refueling stations and over 100 resident aircraft at the Teterboro airport, why bother flying into JFK or LaGuardia airports? The hassle and wait times are not worth the slightly shorter distance into Manhattan (a 2 mile difference). Teterboro executive airport has runways capable of accommodating even the

Eclipse 550

Saturdays Aircraft of the Week - Eclipse 550 The Eclipse 550 is a 4 passenger VLJ (very light jet) capable of flying 1,125 nmi at a maximum cruise speed of 430 mph. A max range of 1,125 mmi is quite a short distance in the private jet game, but we do not give the title of AOTW (aircraft of the week) lightly. 1,125 mmi is enough range to fly between New York and The Bahamas without a fuel stop. East coast to west coast flights will require a fuel stop, but this aircraft is not designed for cross continental flights. The eclipse 550 is a updated version of the already commonly usedEclipse 500, with updated avionics and safety features. The Eclipse 550 burns a maximum of 59 gallons an hour with it’s tiny engines, over double the fuel economy of any standard light jet, also making it the most fuel efficient twin-jet aircraft in production worldwide. This VLJ is one of the most maneuverable and flexible light jets available for charter. With the ability to take off in under 2,500 ft, and land in under 2,800 ft, this aircraft is capable of landing at nearly every airport in the world. The Eclipse 550 is a pilot’s dream; it’s one of the smallest, most advanced very light jet in the world, with features such as Terrain Awareness Warning System, DME (allowing for international flights), Auto throttle as part of the autopilot systems. Eclipse has already proven themselves with the Eclipse 500, and managed to make a second revision in very little time with features on par with much larger more expensive aircraft, all of this while maintaining an unbeatable cost of under $3,000,000. In terms of charter, an

Are fuel stops worth it?

Are fuel stops worth it? A great deal of our customers understand that flying without a fuel stop is the best way to fly. But this isn’t just in terms of time saving, flying without a fuel stop can very commonly cost less than flying with an aircraft with enough range to fly the trip without a fuel stop. Very commonly, customers will opt for a jet that costs less per hour at the cost of a fuel stop, these customers assume the amount of time on the ground will be minimal, but I have personally seen fuel stops exceeding 40 minutes in a light jet. 40 minutes of lost time in addition to paying nearly an hour of jet rental in addition to the extra fuel speaks mostly for itself. In a 40 minute fuel stop scenario, renting a slightly larger aircraft would make all the difference as well as amount to the same basic costs of operation. Now let’s calculate a 1500 nmi (nautical mile) journey in two different light jets. One being a Learjet 35A costing approximately $2,300 an hour and an eclipse 500 which costs approximately $1,800 an hour to rent. With our hypothetical trip, we will flying 4 passengers from the Boston area to Austin, TX. From a basic standpoint, we can see that the Eclipse 500 and Lear 35A differ in price by about $500 an hour. Now simply running this scenario through our booking engine shows that the cost for the Eclipse is 18,577.00 while the cost for the Lear 35A is 18,149.00. this makes the Learjet 35A technically cheaper, but even if it wasn’t; another point is the simple fact that lost time is worse than lost money

How airport availability works

How does airport availability work? Flying private air charter flights, airport availability becomes much more important than with commercial flights. Commercial flights are planned on an airtight schedule, though the aircraft departure and arrival times may greatly differ from what is planned. Private jet charter allows you to fly exactly when and where you want, meaning the exact opposite scenario arises, your flight itinerary is usually planned with little notice and may conflict with airport availability. Luckily, flying private means you can land at any airport you desire, no matter how low or high the traffic density of the airport is. When taking off or landing at an airport, you pay a landing fee (which generally also includes a takeoff fee). Now this number can range anywhere from $150 for a small aircraft landing at a very low density airport to $4,000 for an airliner-sized aircraft landing during a high density period at an already high density airport. For this reason, many private flights will take this airport availability into account and will choose to fly to executive airports. These airports tend to be much smaller, have multiple FBOs offering very comfortable check in and security clearance routines. Since few large scale flights land at executive airports, this means the landing fees are on the low side, and also allow you to avoid long security lines and checks, sometimes being able to simply walk up or drive up to your private jet. FBOs or fixed base operators are essentially the “terminal” you will be arriving at. Though the term terminal is not quite accurate enough to explain the various services offered by FBOs, for group travelers, ground catering can be arranged for all of your passengers. Anything