Air Charter Service

Looking to charter a private plane? Let our air charter service team provide you with a wide variety of approved business aircraft, ranging in size from small to large cabins, accommodating up to 60 passengers.  Air Charter service’s knowledgeable staff provides exceptional service to satisfy the discerning needs of the executive traveler. Look at our private jet charter options.
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Our different Air Charter Services

Air charter service offers you a travel experience that is impossible to duplicate with commercial airlines. Your travel experience provides many benefits such as:

Why Choose Us

      • Air Charter service is a leading provider of on-demand private jet charter services.
      • Unique to the private aircraft charter industry.
      • Air Charter service can provide any jet at any time in 2 hours or less
      • While providing exceptional value and an impeccable client experience.
      • Lowest rates in the market without sacrificing safety & only premium aircraft.
      • True one way charters and true one way rates.
      • Our sister company Flighttime

What Clients Say

“It has been a revelation finding AirCharter and we have been very impressed by your services. I feel very confident entrusting my clients with AirCharter.”!
John Hogan, Sanjel Corp.
“I cannot thank you, and your team, enough for the help and assistance you have given us. You have all been fantastic! Your calm and reassuring manner throughout made my job a whole lot easier !
Helen Stewart, Archways Mc Donald's