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Looking to charter a private plane? Let our air charter service team provide you with a wide variety of approved business aircraft, ranging in size from small to large cabins, accommodating up to 60 passengers.  Air Charter service’s knowledgeable staff provides exceptional service to satisfy the discerning needs of the executive traveler. Look at our private jet charter options.
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Our different Air Charter Services

Air charter service offers you a travel experience that is impossible to duplicate with commercial airlines. Your travel experience provides many benefits such as:

Air Charter Services can offer discount jet charter packages that include transportation, private body guards, luxury hotels and more.

Since 1996, has provided online air charter service booking services to a wide array of customers, including business and leisure travelers, sports teams and corporations worldwide. Through’s online booking system, travelers can get quick quotes and book domestic and international flights on more than 12,800 aircraft, including jets and turboprops.

Founded in 1985, Air Charter has become the market leader in providing world wide private jet charter services. Born out of the desire to provide clients with a simpler and more understandable way to buy charter services, Air Charter service was founded on the principle of placing our clients’ needs first.

  • The true cost of flying on a private jet had always been shrouded in the mystery of technical terms and hidden fees that could be confusing for even a seasoned traveler. Air Charter services simplified the process by creating the “Charter Jet Price Guarantee”. The charter price you are quoted is the price you pay.
  • Air Charter service operates on the principles of ultimate and complete private jet customer service. Our team specializes in creating personalized private charter flights that cater to our passengers’ every want and need, including the arrangement of gourmet meal services, special beverages, in-flight entertainment, and many more amenities.
We provide the kind of personal attention you would expect from an air charter service luxury concierge. Our amenities include roomy leather seating, complimentary in-flight movies, wet bar and gourmet meals of your choice. There is no lengthy check-in process. You pull right up to the aircraft and your luggage is loaded directly from your car into the plane. Ahh, perfection!

Flying on charter differs from scheduled aviation in many ways, but from the customer’s point of view it can be summarized in three words: efficiency, privacy and flexibility. You may be a corporate travel planner trying to get eight executives from New York to Nebraska as safely and with as little downtime as possible or you may be trying to lift a critically ill patient from one hospital to another. You may also be trying to move the all-star cast, crew and equipment of a block-buster film from Los Angeles to Vancouver, or you may just be trying to get your family from London to Aruba as swiftly and comfortably as possible. Whatever your priorities, Air Charter service travel gives you the flexibility to organize the trip around your every need.

When you fly scheduled airlines, you travel on the airline’s schedule (assuming they’re on time) and zigzag along their hub-and-spoke routes, connecting here, changing planes there, and sometimes doubling or tripling your travel time, and with large groups this may be more of a challenge you are willing to take on. Long drives to and from large commercial international airports, time spent reserving, picking up and clearing airline tickets, checking, tagging or even losing luggage drains your productivity even further. You then wait in lines with no end in sight, only to disrobe, unpack, be searched and then get dressed. You repack and regain your dignity, while finally climbing aboard an aircraft with 300 perfect strangers. A useful and private business meeting on board a commercial airliner is all but impossible, and completing work confidentially or otherwise is more than a challenge.

With charter, you fly where you want, when you want, in the plane you want, and with customized amenities you choose yourself. Increasingly more and more business and pleasure travelers are discovering the advantages of charter travel. Time is money and every wasted moment is a lost opportunity. Aircraft charter puts you in control of your schedule by placing a fleet of aircraft at your disposal anywhere you are in the world.

Air Charter service can offer discounted jet charter packages that include transportation, private body guards, luxury hotels and more.

Since 1996, has provided online air charter services booking services to a wide array of customers, including business travelers, leisure travelers, sports teams and corporations worldwide. Through Air Charter’s online booking system, travelers can get quick quotes and book domestic and international travel on more than 1,200 aircraft, including jets and turboprops.

  • No one knows where you are going.
  • No one knows who you are traveling with.
 We fly when you want to fly, not based on our own schedule. With access to 10 times more airports than commercial airlines, you can fly in and out of the smaller, less-congested airports that are close to where you are and where you’re going to. Want to add a stop while en-route or you’re running behind schedule, our crew will do everything possible to accommodate your every changing travel plans. That’s what we mean when we say Air Travel, Perfected TM.
  When you utilize a private Private Jet Charter from, you can have a morning meeting in Los Angeles, an afternoon meeting in Denver & return home to San Francisco just in time for dinner. opens up a world of opportunity by giving you flexibility to plan your travel around your schedule. The perfect way to travel.
  • Your plane will stand by and wait for you.
  • A full flight crew on standby to take care of you.
Private Jet Fleet – Jet Charter Aircraft
Air Charter services has one of the largest fleet of private jet aircraft. With a network of over 350 jet service providers in the United States and abroad, Air Charter service can match your travel needs instantly with the right private jet charter for your trip. We have thousands of jet aircraft waiting for your reservation so call us today. Private jet rental is affordable, safe and convenient.

Our private jet charter inventory is cataloged by the industry designation for the plane. If there is a jet aircraft missing from the photo library, just give us a call. We are continually adding new private jets to our charter jet network. Call us for a professional charter jet quote at 1-866-FLY-CHTR.

air charter service air charter serviceTurbo Prop Charter
Capacity: 6 – 8 People
Speed 218 – 315 mph
Range: 1,500 – 2,000 nm
Rate $1.200 – 1,500/hr
Beachjet_400_LgThmb air charter service
Light Cabin Jet Charter
Capacity: 5 – 8 People
Speed 400 – 480 mph
Range: 1,600 – 2,000 sm
Rate $2.000 – 2,1500/hr
Beachjet_400_LgThmb air charter serviceMid-Size Jet Charter
Capacity: 8 – 10 People
Speed 510 – 590 mph
Range: 3,000 – 3,500 nm
Rate $2.500 – 3,2500/hr
air charter service air charter serviceSuper Mid-Size Jet Charter
Capacity: 7 – 9 People
Speed 490 – 590 mph
Range: 3,000 – 3,900 nm
Rate $3.200 – 4,000/hr
private jet charter air charter serviceFull Size JetsCharter
Capacity: 9 – 23 People
Speed 500 – 560 mph
Range: 4,000 – 7,000 nm
Rate $4,000 – 13,000/hr
BBJ_ext air charter serviceSuper Size Charter Jets
Capacity: 15 – 71 People
Speed 565 – 620 mph
Range: 7,000 – 10,000 nm
Rate $7,000 – 15,000/hr

Why Choose Us

      • Air Charter service is a leading provider of on-demand private jet charter services.
      • Unique to the private aircraft charter industry.
      • Air Charter service can provide any jet at any time in 2 hours or less
      • While providing exceptional value and an impeccable client experience.
      • Lowest rates in the market without sacrificing safety & only premium aircraft.
      • True one way charters and true one way rates.
      • Our sister company Flighttime

What Clients Say

“It has been a revelation finding AirCharter and we have been very impressed by your services. I feel very confident entrusting my clients with AirCharter.”!
John Hogan, Sanjel Corp.
“I cannot thank you, and your team, enough for the help and assistance you have given us. You have all been fantastic! Your calm and reassuring manner throughout made my job a whole lot easier !
Helen Stewart, Archways Mc Donald's