Private Aircraft

Are private aircraft quicker than scheduled airliners?

The flying speed of a private aircraft varies dramatically depending on the type of aircraft. For example, the fastest civilian aircraft in the world is the Citation X (ten), however many smaller jets including the range of aircraft called VLJs (Very Light Jets) generally have lower maximum flight speeds than airliners. The time saving of flying privately is made on the ground. With minimal check-in times and no delays waiting for luggage and clearing customs, flying by private aircraft is much faster than using a scheduled airline. Also on longer flights, Air Traffic Control (ATC) will be able to offer private aircraft many more shortcuts than a scheduled airline. This is because most private aircraft have a higher rate of climb and can fly higher than a normal air scheduled airline.

What sort of aircraft do I need for my trip?

The type of private aircraft that is most suited for your itinerary will depend on many factors including; flight distance, the number of passengers, runway lengths, global region and of course your budget. Please do contact an Air Charter representative to ask more about the type of aircraft required for your private flight.